Bullet Force App Reviews

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Need more coins

This game is sick I can’t stop playing it. Kinda wish it was easier to get coins like it is to get credits. If that were fixed then I’d play more often.

렉도 장난아니고 최적화도 안 되어있고 리스폰 ㅈㄴ 꼬이고 핵이란 핵은 다 난장판을 치는 이 게임 인내심이 강한 분들만 하시길 이겜 하다가 빡쳐서 폰 망가뜨린거 한두개가 아님 진짜 최적화만 좀 시켜주면 좋겠네 렉이 너무 높은거 아니냐;;


i love it if u have a good gun and ur skilled its really fun

Good Game

Probably one of the best FPS mobile game I’ve ever played I give it 5 stars.

Amazing game

Al I have to say is that everything in this game is good

Hate this

This lags me out of the game. Terrible.

Great Game🤣

Great Game🤣

Love it

Good game




The game is awesome

I like it

I just got it and it is similar to COD


Good game


It good

Please look at devs

Takes too long to get new guns and attachments are really expensive

Good game love the multiplayer

Good severs and great gameplay



It’s fun for me since I like shooting games

It’s fun

Best game I played in years and it’s addicting


Like battlefield on the phone

This game is really fun with easy mechanics. I enjoy it very much.


This game is amazing can’t stop playing


Great game runs awesome but most stuff is way overpriced.


Kinda lol still great game

cannot start the game from Iran

i don't know why this time the GAME is limited by the us companies for iranian!

This game is the best

You need to try this game it’s so good high graphics and no lag but only on bad phones playing this game I have no more struggles shooting

Awesome game!!!

The Best FPS shooter for mobile!!!

Great FPS game

Gret gaem

Game play unstable

No way to save your game play lost 100s of $. Also the game crashes a lot.


I have not bin playing but it’s a ok game

Good game

It’s a nice game nice gameplay and graphics

Great game

Great game

Good game

Good game


It's pretty good but progression is tiresome



Great game-Hard money

Great game, good graphics. Just hard to earn money..




Great game! Love it!

It said leave a review for gold so...

I want my gold fam

Good game

Good game


Good game five stars

Pretty good for a mobile game

The only thing wrong is the controls are somewhat weird at times


Good stuff.



Best Game

Best Game

Really fun

I love this app it's so much fun and easy to play



Ok but some problems

It’s a good game but there’s no teamates and it’s you versus a whole lot of a.i I hope you understand and also since there’s no tutorial I have to play as a rookie with starter weapons since it is ok also that you can’t choose who you want to be as a country and that in campaign it doesn’t tell you controls etc. Since I have to get into settings or menu to crouch/ crawl it made me easy to be shot sometimes and when I’m hunting the engine hides and starts shooting


Great game its just awesome

Amazing game

The graphics are really good for a mobile game and the first person shooter is amazing and the range of guns is amazing and the guns have great detail

Great game love it



This is for the gold

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