Bullet Force App Reviews

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Game is pretty good

Great Game!

I play this game more than any other right now.

Great but guns need to be nerfed

The M320 Dart has an infinite range and should be nerfed especially with the extra ammo ability. The shotguns have a super long range as well

Best game ever

So good

It’s a great game

The graphics are pretty good and there is a lot of depth behind this game but there are a few bugs and glitches otherwise this would be a five star rating plus the knife needs to respond faster and whenever you the game sends me a password reset link I never get it and I haven’t been able to log in to my account for pretty long

Nice Game

Not that bad of a game I encourage people to try this game out. Fun and very addicting.

Old player

Ive been playing this game since like 3 years back and I still like and am happy that it is still progressing into a better game.

Great game.

I played this game on pc, so I tried it out on mobile. It is actually pretty fun. The graphics are good, the gameplay is addictive, And the game it self is great. There’s not much too say besides go try it out! It’s a great time pass. Bye and thanks for reading.


This is one of the best shooter on the AppStore right now. The control is smooth and responsive, the graphic is ok but the action is totally amazing and I love it. But there are 2 big problems that I usually face in this game. First is the price and power of the weapons. I know that you put the price high because the feeling of accomplishment but do you need to make the expensive weapons that strong??? I have a Scar and I don’t even have a chance against a L85 or an AUG because they are to accurate and have high ROF. And second, this is a FPS game but why there are lags when engaging??? That will make the game more frustrating and unbalance.


The movement in this game is really weird and I try to aim but it doesn’t aim

please add blod again

the game is the best but if you add agin it would be better

Pretty good

U should be able to add friends and invite them to games

Love the game

It has really good graphics and so much fun to just snipe



Fix problems with hackers and health glitch

The game is good but I have problems with hackers and campers and also with health glitches. The health glitches are when I shoot someone with pump shotgun and end up having 100% health. And the problems with hackers are so stupid I get shot through a wall every minute. I spent over $150 on this game just to play with hackers I can’t kill. So please fix the game A.S.A.P


When I tried buying a new gun I had to sign up with my email and make an an account which was totally fine but , when I came back all my money I spent was gone and I didn’t even get the gun I bought .

Terrible Game: Hackers Are Everywhere

There are so many hackers now on Bullet Force, DO NOT WASTE your money buying anything. And I heard that the company doesn't have the ability to detect hackers. So until they do something, it's a lost cause. On top of which, with no advanced warning (where people were still purchasing guns), the company suddenly decided to get rid of the shuriken. The shuriken was not only loved by many, it became the reason many were still playing Bullet Force. And it was a key to taking out hackers, like grenades do, but taking more skill. It was a one-shot equalizer in the right hands. I mean, they polled their forum, which is filled with one-shot 320 maniacs who of course can't stand the shuriken one-shots. but they ban one but not the 320! And the game has so many hackers, like Z4INT w his aimbot, the BONG clan, like Durrani22, or longtime hacker Hyur- yet the company doesn't ban them. And good luck trying to report them. Nearly impossible. In-game reporting really doesn't work. And capturing screen shots in real time of aimbots or no damage hackers is not possible. Plus, without the shuriken, everyone just throws grenades again instead. Grenade central. Total chaos. There is no way to really play anymore. I know many who are now quitting this game. To make matters worse, the company only refunded gold rather than real money. WAS a great game. Now it's just terrible. Shame shame shame.

Great but a little more characters

I feel as though there should be more characters on this game like female characters to be exact ,Because u might not know whether there will be players that want a female selection or male either is cool and there should be like a skin color change overall it’s a great game



What do I do?

One day I deleted this game then like Yesterday I downloaded it again I got on the game and I loged in but I forgot my password I clicked the forget password button I put in my new password in I got back on the game I put the new password in and it said login failed so can u pls help me and tell me what I need to do if u can great. if u can’t 😕🙁☹️I will be sad oh and this was written by a ten year old and was not reviewed so sorry about writing errors😂.

Well made

This game is awesome the gameplay maps weapons but the weapons are just way to expensive I would like to see eternal more money when you win a battle or the price is dropped thank you


This game is awesome 💯!!!!!


Love this freakin game!


Why Does A Rank 100 Spawn With A Rank 1 Like Fox It Or Don’t Keep The Game Running

Best FPS shooter on iOS so far

This game is console-quality and has console-quality features. Can’t wait to see the new gun(even though I’ve seen it) and the new canyon map. Keep it up and also fix the NO DAMAGE bug please. Also can u give the ump some love and buff it to a 3 shot kill because it was recently nerfed to a pea shooter and buff the mp40 to its 2 shot glory( but make it kick like a mule if u do this so it can be fair).

Pls add this game mode

Add bomb defuse

Good... but needs more

This is by far the best mobile shooter I could find. The gameplay is good. The graphics are good enough but WHY IS THEIR NO VEHICLES!?!?!? If any devs read this, please add tanks, armored cars, even just a military motorcycle would be nice. Just imagine, your playing a round of team death match in Woods and suddenly, a Allie tank comes bursting through the garage along with infantry running beside it and wipe out the enemy team. And also just as a suggestion, you should add the M1 Garand, I personally think that this game is set in the Vietnam war and the M1 Garand was still used. And I think there should be more character customization. Like giving options on how you want your character’s face to look like, these ideas could really make Bullet Force a better, more action-packed game. Thanks for reading this and hopefully taking these ideas into consideration.


Something needs to be done about spawn camping because in every region I go to, every map is spawn camping. My fix: zones If you put a zone around that spawn points that the enemy can’t shoot into and can’t walk into, they can’t spawn camp PLEASE FO SOMETHING ABOUT SPAWN CAMPING

Nice game but goes bad once you purchase good equipment

I notice that in the game I know get harmed more easily after buying a better “gun” in the game. Also, not worth it that when they “kill” you they get extra points.

Awesome, but has flaws

So I think this game is the partner of ROBLOX and Minecraft and PG3D! Together, nothing can stop them! Although there are some flaws I should address. You should probably put a map selector on the menu. Also, the sniper rifles need iron sight. And for the Gun fight, you guys should probably change that up a bit. Overall, though, this game deserves an Oscar! Thanks for the good features so far!

Good game

Good game need better wepeons though


Can you guys please nerf the shorty sg? I feel that after the buff, it is too op, it basically one-shots from sniper range. If you guys could just reduce the range, that would be great. Thanks, Cristian

Game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is fun but I think the guns cost to much silver but I’m a free player


I enojo y the game but why does it lag??! Hackers??? Smh

I love this game

This game is so fun and when I play with my friends it’s fun


Bullet force is so far the only online Mobile FPS I’ve played so this may be a little unfair but I love it. I love to play some music and grind on this game. However, guns and attachments are expensive, some sights and laser sights cost as much as assault rifles or shotguns. Also hit reg is a little off which is to be expected with any mobile game. Overall the game is very good!!

Best game

Best game

Free gold

Free gold

Bullet force review !

I love it it’s a very fun compact shooter ! I play bullet force with my friends all the time in class!


This game is pretty great in all the funny ways as possible



It’s good

I play the game on pc and mobile and I think it’s ok. My problem is the fact that u have to grind for new guns


Best game eva.

Bullet Force

This game is amazing! I love grinding to buy guns, and they playing with other real people online!

Great on Computer excited to See What it’s like On mobile

I play

Love the game

It’s a great game but I would like to see more game modes added for the competitive side and more variety of weapons


Nice game!!

Great Game but a major flaw

This game I would have to say is one of the best fps games on the AppStore it has a variety of content and unlike other popular fps games it is not pay to win and that is great. However there is still a small issue that still needs fixing. I get that y’all are trying to add new content and make money (because who doesnt love money lol) however please Im begging you fix the hit marker issue and quality of servers. There is still times where I unload a full magazine on a player and his health is still at 100. And it happens more often than you think. Keep in mind that I play on a fast device with a good 80-100 ping. Also there is times where I’ll be aiming at a corner waiting for a player to turn and I get killed because he somehow teleported past where I was aiming. These two things are very annoying. Especially when you shoot at a player and he magically teleports or his health is still at 100. I love this game I play it during my life lunch break and when I get home. Please Fix this because this game desperately needs 5 stars. BTW THE HIT MARKER ISSUE HASNT BEEN FIXED SO PLEASE WORK ON YOUR SERVERS THE SERVERS NEED TO BE UPDATED OR FIXED BECAUSE THAT IS THE PROBLEM. EDIT: I appreciate the response however now there is another issue. So youre telling me that a shorty shotgun can one hit kill across map but it takes a half a mag to kill someone with the cz scorpion??? NERF THE SHORTY YOU BUFFED IT TOO MUCH. Thank you.

Needs controller support

Great game I love it but wish it had controller support

Bullet force

Best game played

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