Bullet Force App Reviews

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Great game

Great game


💯great game

Good game

I really like this app


Honestly a very fun game. 1 problem lots of cheaters

It’s good

I like the game it’s great

Love it

Dope game to play and take my mind off things ..... love to play in my free time... 👍🏾 great game super fun and exciting it take my mind off a lot and focus on shooting fools haha

Good game but needs some work

This game is pretty fun. But I would love to see more offline content, like capture the flag king of the hill or anything. Also the description states that this game has a campaign, but yet there is no campaign. Also there should be more ways to earn gold. Right now you can only earn it by using real money. And it’s total bull crap when have to pay real money for a M16.



Just awesome




This game lite

Live as game I kill ish

Bullet force

Dis game is cool

This game is really good. Take my word for it.

Personally, this game is awesome. Realistic stats and incredible graphics at the same time. If fast paced action games are your thing, I definitely would recommend this game.


If you like play a game with hackers that can shoot and see your through a wall this is the game for you. If you want to waste money on a gun then get killed in spawn again and again from a hacker this is the game for you. If you are smart u will not download this game. So in not download this game u will not waste your time or money but most importantly your time and the life you can have out side a mostly hacker base lobby’s. This goes out to the two hackers that I just played with. Leoek018 and Lopezjorge700 and trust me there are many many many more hackers then just those two.


Best online multiplayer game so far

Please add a Friend feature

Great game overall! My only complaint is that there is no friend system. I want to be able to play a game like his with friends. Please add this feature!

Ima Gold Digger

Just reviewing for gold it is a great game though love it. Played it on computer still as fun as on computer.

Good IOS game

Really good on mobile, but I wish they would work hard on the PC version as well.


So I deleted Bullet force and I got it back and I don’t remember my password. I clicked on “forgot password” and it asked for my email or username. I did the email and it didn’t give me the link to reset my password so I tried the username and neither . I did this more couple tries and it still didn’t work so can y’all fix this because I really want to play again , Thanks .


It was the gun game I been looking for it is great nice Beautiful yea the guns glitch but it is a nice game to download try it out

Great game

I love this game

Good game

Play it

Great game

Great game has fair guns is one of the first shooting games that has not been pay to win earned its 5 stars love this game.

Fix this game!!!

This is actually so bad.I have 14,000 credits and the scope is 13,500 credits.I try to buy it and it says not enough credits?🤬🤔🤨.the guns are broken too.Don’t get me wrong this is an amazing game but plz fix this glitch.

Bullet Force. Skill. Strategy. Mechanics.

You need skill to play this game. You need to be able to deeply understand what’s going on with the gun you’re using. It may at first seem that every gun is similar, but every gun is uniquely different and it takes dedication to master each one.


Love the Game

A Pay To Win Game

Can you please make it fair so everybody has the same amount of guns



Great game

Love his game!! It’s really fun!!!

Did it for gold

Pretty fun game

Bullet force

One of the best games I have saw

This is the best game

I love this game, the best part is the new skins u can have on your gun!! they look sick anyways play this


Great game I would play this for hours a day if I could it one of the best gun shooting games I’ve played

Best game ever

This game is just like call of duty is really good high quality best game ever

Game Modes

I Love This Game I Play It Every day and All Day, But One Thing I Hate Are The Game Modes... Try Adding Game Modes That People Would Actually Like To Play. For Example Nobody Plays VIP It’s Impossible To Find a Good Lobby


Love this game so much it’s like csgo but for mobile and No player made maps... plz add player made maps And Some other things

Great game

I fell in love with this game as soon as I got it, I started on pc tho, so my only problem is that I can’t get my pc account on mobile, and the new gold system. Another thing is how hard it is to make money on mobile, for me pc seemed a lot easier to get cash and guns, I bought 8 guns in about a week on pc, meanwhile on mobile I only have the scar, and still getting wrecked by guns I can’t buy Cause I don’t have the gold. I feel either the game has to allow more adds, or raise the amount of gold per add. My last complaint about this beautiful game (lol) is some of the maps (canyon, city, park, etc) The only thing you’ll find on these maps Is constant death from campers, too much space to run around, and empty lobbies because no one wants to play these maps, regardless I love the game, just hope some things get changed soon, another suggestion is to add all maps to pc rotation, sometimes I see them there but when it gets picked, the game freezes on pc, other than that 5/5, great game #WoodsFTW

Love it

Love the fast pace action mobile players crave for

plz make korean serve

i want korean server plz make


I just started playing this game and I really liked it so I bought a special deal pack for 10$ for 700 coins and acr and I also bought another 10$ of 1200 coin pack I got the coin pack but my first purchase for the 700 coins and acr rifle I never received I tried restoring my purchase but all it says loading and never gives me my stuff back can you please help me on getting my stuff back or giving me a refund for 10$ so I can repurchase my deal before it goes away I would love to rate it 5 stars but I feel like u guys robbed me for my money please HELP!

Honest review

Although this game has been around for a few years now, it still hasn’t been able to become one of the better ones in the store. It still has its flaws but has some things it has gotten right in comparison to most games out there. To begin with, the controls are a bit jittery. The movement is odd in the sense that running is only a forward motion (without being able to move diagonally as well). This makes it harder to rush forward mainly because you would have to stay looking in the position you are going. For instance, when running forward you’d have to run toward an enemy in comparison to running to the left or right towards cover while looking at them at the same time. The next thing would have to be the “invisible bodies and heads.” This has been the most noticeable problem I’ve experienced when returning to the game from time to time and still is. It is extremely difficult trying to get an eye on someone when all you can see is the bullet trail heading your direction and no player to trace it to. Especially when it’s the small peek holes within some buildings or structures. One other problem would be the the ability to climb certain structures and gain some sort of advantage. An example would be the desert map which allows you to climb in most spots. Like on top of the buildings or around the sides, towards the back of the map, or even the side fence and crate by the car. I find this really annoying because it gives the other players a advantage being able to see a farther distance than being floor level. The next problem I have is the fact that the player models are hard to hit in most peeking spots and aren’t correctly aligned with the screen view. This would mean that even though you would only be able to see the top of an opponents head, they would be able to clearly see you and take a shot. This is the most annoying problem I’ve had when playing this game. Like other problems stated, this gives the other player an advantage that is unfair. One of the better thing this game has achieved is the wide variety of weapons to purchase and use. This makes the game pretty fresh and continue on the grind to earn more and more guns. Not to mention that there’s attachments, skins, perks, and kill streaks that give this game a more console feel to it. Although it takes some time to watch some ads in exchange for some gold credits to get the skins, it is still worth it when unlocking different rarities. I do believe this game will eventually have some improvements to it and hope it can fix the problems stated above. This game is worth the try for any new players who have somehow never encountered this game. But please know that you will be teamed up and put against a randomized group of different ranked players. For now this game gets three stars for its performance it’s been able to deliver.

Great game

I really have enjoyed it

Wow it’s on mobile too

I play this game on pc also but it wouldn’t accept my account so I created a new one problem solved


Amazing game and highly recommended that you play this game 😄🤣🐥🍤👍😄😁😃♦️this a suggestion for the game add a super boss or something like that because in my opinion that would make the game more fun.

Bullet force

Bullet force is an epic game. I love it




Well made game



This game is amazing!!!!

I love everything about this game

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