Bullet Force App Reviews

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Pay to win?

Honestly I like this game a lot but it’s more of a pay to win type of thing cause once I bought the the 1,000 gold smg I barley die and same with the desert egal it’s a pocket sniper

Good game overall

Bullet force is a fun interesting FPS game for mobile devices. I do wish that guns weren’t so expensive!

Help for Help

Hello, I have heard from some sources that I could help the game developer with skins, maps, and other in game scenarios in exchange for gold. I was wondering if this was a hoax. If not I would love to do so.


I have 228,000 credits and it won’t let me buy the m60 pls help.

It could be worse

Really fun, but pay to win.

Pretty good overall game

I love this game in terms of how it works and how to unlock things, and I understand that some things cost the currency you have to pay real money for because the developers have to make money somehow. My issue is that when I logged in to a second device it said that my credits were only at 7,465. This wasn’t a big issue because it wasn’t that far off from what I had before, so I just dealt with it and continued to play. Then I grinded for almost a day trying to get credits to purchase the mp5 gun. When I got enough credits, I tried to buy it and it said I didn’t have enough credits for some reason. Then I tried to fix the problem by logging out and back in again. This brought my credit count from about 120,000 back to the original 7,465 credits that my other device said, as well as made me lose 3 levels worth of xp and a good perk that I used as a result of my level. I tried to contact support but did not get a response, I assume because they are only interested in real money related transactions. I like the game, but I wasted a lot of time and didn’t get the credits for it. Now with no effort from support to help me solve the problem, I give this app 2 stars at best. Even since I have spent 20 dollars on this game I would expect some sort of support given that this is an important glitch that could affect future players and potential customers.

Great game

Just one little problem I had about 200,000 yesterday morning almost ready to buy the m60 I took a break but when I come back I see that it went down to 70,000 please fix but it’s a great game overall I just the credits that I lost back if not it’s ok I’ll just continue to play the game thank you. Username:Stayfrosty321


This is one of my favorite FPS games I’m so glad that I found this game because if I had not found this I would be missing out on the fun

This app is a must have.

Right when you start, you are given an m4a1 and a .45 acp pistol. Both guns are great and are still used by many. Some of the popular weapons amongst pros are cheap, like the famas, and the scar h, one of the strongest automatic rifles, is also cheap. Overall this game gives you a good start, and a great community to join.


I purchased some coins for 4.99 to have enough to purchase 150,000 credits to buy m60 and I didn’t receive my credits.

Bullet Force

A great overall game although could use a few more weapons like a minigun or something new like a new knife. Also you should drop the prices on some of the weapons some take a lot of grinding to get to I still don’t have any. Over all a great game I like the multiplayer concept that you can play with your friends I still could use more in game currency but honestly still a very solid FPS I play with my friends a lot with this game i think it works great with friends with graphics and gunplay as great as other games like call of duty and other good stuff it really works when you master the game and learn to be good at it that feeling is very rewarding the guns are great to which you can customize with sights muzzles and stocks which is very good at encouraging the player to unlock them all

Good but please fix.

*** I currently have over 230,000 credits however when I go to buy a gun which costs less by far a message pops up saying I don’t have enough credits and suggests I buy more. I love this game but please fix this as I played for a long time to save up this many credits and this is very frustrating. I am playing on iOS. ***

Stole my money

I bought a weapon one. With gold. And it says I still need to buy it. I have a huge problem with this cause this is the second time my money has been stolen.

Fun but...

I love this game and I play it a lot so I obviously have quite a few credits. I have 200+ credits and it says I don’t have enough to buy a 180 credit gun. I don’t get it. I don’t know what to do because I have the credits but I can’t get guns. What’s the point?

Lose your gold and credits

Credits and gold mysteriously disappear with each log in...work your tail off to get a bunch of credits and then POOF they vanish at next log-in. Don’t bother!

Says I got no credits even tho I do

When I try to buy the 1911 with 100k it keeps telling me I have no credits even tho on the top right it shows 109k I’ve been grinding for almost two weeks and I try to buy it it says the same thing


I bought the “special offer” and it took my money but didn’t give me what I deserved. The forest camo.

Good game

Love it so much!!!!!!😍😍😍😍


Good game

Best FPS shooter on iOS so far

This game is console-quality and has console-quality features. Can’t wait to see the new gun(even though I’ve seen it) and the new canyon map. Keep it up and also fix the NO DAMAGE bug please

Great game!

Super fun/ addicting

Good game

Good graphics but it’s to cartoon But it’s fun and worth it Ps plz make it less pay to win

Great game

This game live fr


Spent 800 gold on credits and didn’t get anything game is broken need to fix this

I Sudu


Not able to create account m

Don’t download this game every username under the sun is taken


Very nice game very well made good job

This game

I got ripped on when I brought a pack of gold and when I went to buy some credit it would’ve work.


I can’t believe how stupid they are making this game, I tried buying a gun but it glitched so I restarted the game. When I got back in all my money was gone! Another thing they need to fix is the load out every time I long in it resets my whole out load which is stupid FIX IT!! It’s so annoying

The most pay to win game ever

Guns you have to buy with real money are always 100000 times better than guns you don’t have to buy. Would rate half a star if I could. RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER: The only ways to earn Gold in game without spending money is watching ads for other games and leveling up, both get you very small amounts of Gold. Not to mention how long it takes to level up especially when you are at higher levels. The cheapest guns you can buy for Gold which are painfully unbalanced cost 1,000 Gold. (The BRT HS1, P90, Tommy Gun, M16, CS-LR4, and ACR). With the small amount of Gold you get for watching ads (which you can only do a limited amount of times per day) and leveling up which can take a really long time when you at higher levels, it takes a really, really long time to get the guns without paying real money for them. Grinding for hours for laughably small amounts of Gold isn’t worth it at all. OR....you can just buy the Gold for a couple bucks. I don’t mind long grinds at all as long as the grind is worth it. I’m a Borderlands fanboy! I’m no stranger to grinding for hours for a really good gun. Also you brought up how the guns aren’t as expensive as other games, I wasn’t reviewing “other games”, I was reviewing Bullet Force. Not to mention how you brought up in other games you level up guns and in this game you buy the gun and it stays at its power level forever. I never brought up other games and how they handle micro-transactions in my initial review. Why are you bringing this up? Also you claim that this is the best multiplayer shooter of 2017 in the games bio, it’s not. It’s really not. Let’s face it, this game is a complete ripoff of Battlefield 3 and 4. It plays almost exactly just with much smaller maps and worse graphics. The gunplay is almost copy and paste. Of course I would recommend completely removing the micro-transaction system but this game is free to play and you’ve got to make money somehow so if you insist on keeping the micro-transaction system then you should get way more Gold when you level up or reduce the cost of weapons that cost Gold by a lot. Not to mention that the guns you have to buy with Gold can’t be purchased with the regular game currency, so you have to grind for hours or pay real money if you want one of those guns. Micro-transactions in FPS multiplayer games should only be used for cosmetics like Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege. It should be pay to look cooler, not pay to win. But of course the best micro-transaction system is a micro-transaction system that doesn’t exist. Skill isn’t the most important factor in the game if you can buy overpowered weapons that are better than any other gun in the game that you don’t have to pay real money for. This game doesn’t favor players who grind for hours. This game favors players who drop 5 buck to buy Gold. Skilled players aren’t who you fear in the game. It’s players who’ve spend money to buy overpowered guns. I hope you take these points into consideration. 2 days after writing this and still no reply? Go figure.

Please fix buying things

I have 70,000 credits and I cannot buy the SCAR-H, which costs 60,000 credits. Every time I try to buy it, the game says I don’t have enough credits.

한국인이 한국인들에게

한국인들아 이겜의 문제를알려주겠다. 탄씹 와파 좀만끊기면99999999억 발을 오지게 박아도 적군새X가 뒤지지않고 생명을 유지한다 벽뚫버그 벽에 총쏘면 그반대편 인간 맞음 ㅇㅇ 업데이트 -존-나-느-림-

Get This Game

Amazing game. Definitely need iphone 6 or above, bc the game is not too intensive but needs a decent device. Guns are quite easy to get, but yo do have to grind a little bit.

Bullet force

It's such a entertaining game for us little kids to play with each other. Bullet force has made kids come closer, and we enjoy this game very much. So please keep doing what you guys are doing. Thank you very much!

Great game can be laggy on my phone one every 50 games


About the game

I like this game because it gives you a chance to have a friendly battle with friends and family


When I purchased some credits. I never received the credits so can you please give me a refund or give the credits Thank you. But the game is good and cool. The good part is the multiplayer because it gives me time to spend with my friends.

Pretty good

This game is pretty could but it is sometime glitches but in all I liked playing the game

Just best game

Just five words best game ever i see

4 stars

Would be 5 stars but I’ve purchased credits twice and yet to receive either purchase


Please help I want to buy a gun that is 30,000 credits and i have 30,147 credits but it says not enough credits please help!!!😭


I really like the game itself i just find myself having many complications. Such as my rank starting all over everytime i come back on or not getting credits when i purchase something. Really irritating.

Best FPS game but one major glitch

The famas cost 15000 credits and I have 17000 I went to get it and it said you don’t have enough credits😢please fix this

good game

A lot of fun, and really good graphics for a mobile game.


Even though I haven played it the vid looks awsome!


This game is awesome


Good but kinda pay to win. You say it is not but the fact that you can buy a weapon that is so much better than the ones you can earn is pay to win. I have the m200 and fad and they are great but do not compare to the guns that cost money. It is indeed pay to win unless you level out the weapon balance




New guns would be good new maps maybe vehicles but for now it's good


I doesn’t work on my phone but it’s looks like is a good game

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