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Dang Good

Thanks for the game

Great game

Great game, fun to play and has a lot of variety and it’s not the same thing over and over again

This game is good

This game is so good I mean it’s good


I love it

Bullet force

Awesome bro awesome


Alot of fun but needs more maps, more perks, a prestige option to give more inventive to play after level 100 and another way to get gold besides watching ads.


Please add zombie mode,armor, and story mode


The game is cool and fun


Dope Game Love it !!!

I love it!!!

This game is absolutely the best FPS game for mobile ive ever seen. And the best part is that the fame is free!!!

Nice game but ....

Ok here’s the deal I want u to make an update where u can actually get gold coins for the game instead of buying it so think of a way to get gold coins instead of spending money. I was thinking more like um ..... get 10 kills and that’s 2 gold coins or 5 gold coins u choose

It's awesome

It's a very great game but gun prices a way to high maybe they can be lowered a little bit

Good game

Very good game but sometimes you have to wait for a good bit to find a game full of playere


I like the game really its amazing but maybe add more new maps


So dope it looks like rainbow six seig 😨😨😨😨


It’s a very well-rounded game and include very fun

It’s amazing

It’s amazing




Great game on the iPhone. It jus started to glitch here and there. Idk if it’s just my phone or doing it for everyone.

Very fun

Bored? This is a game great for killing time

To developer

Please place a search bar in join game, I am struggling to find my friend's lobby




This is the best multiplayer shooter game I have ever played and I can tell you, that it has been wonderful.

It ok

Wish we can get more gold watching videos at least 20


This is the best game ever I would do this 24 7 you guys car awesome


It’s potty fam

Pretty dope

Game is pretty dope it keep my mind off other things and it’s fun reminds me of call of duty ... dope $$

Amazing game

This game is COD on the phone it is so fun too

Good game

Great game a lot of fun and good guns!!

Good game

Very good

Bullet Force

Best game yet 😯



Bullet force

Best FPS game out there

Great game!!

Great game! I play it with my little brother and it is fun as can be! It would be awesome if they made the guns a little bit more affordable!

Great Game

Graphics are great so as the gameplay


This game is awesome. It allows you to record the game play. This is good if you want to start a YouTube on it. Good job on making this Clint Wilde

So much fun

It’s a really fun game, there are some glitches in the game that need to be fixed. The are spots where players can hide on some maps where you can not kill them because the game doesn’t recognise that a player is there. There’s also one map called Outpost where there’s a way for players to get out of the war zone and from there because the game glitches they are able to shoot you through all of the walls so there’s no place to hide from them. The game is also hacked by a lot of players which occurs pretty regularly and there is no way to report players who are cheating.

Great game

Good game just have a little issues here and there

I can’t watching videos for get gold.. what is wrong?????

Nice game


This game is great

This game is worth it

You got to play this game



Bullet force is fun

It is very fun and if u have 10 $ I would so recommend it


Great game


The idea of zombies sounds fun. The pvp is a little unbalanced but it’s ok because you can pick up over powered weapons.


I love this game! Gameplay is nice but i’d like a few more guns that are easier to obtain....fine graphics but could be a little better!

Gang gang?

Gang gang.



Really really fun


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